At Catalyst Australia, we love what we do and are committed to ensuring that your next team building event is enjoyable, motivating, challenging and constructive with lasting memories and benefits.
  • Oliver Sheer Header Image

    Oliver Sheer

    Managing Director

    Whole hearted and full of excitement, Oliver lives life in the moment.

  • Kingsley Seale Header Image

    Kingsley Seale

    Director of Operations

    With over 750 Team Events under his belt with Be Challenged, Kingsley soon found his passion lay in maximising a teams potential through the power of team activities and workshops.

  • Fiona Gardiner Header Image

    Fiona Gardiner

    National Sales & Marketing Manager

    Fiona has been part of the Be Challenged team for over 6 years, and is very enthusiastic, engaging and customer service focused.

  • Mark Preston Header Image

    Mark Preston

    Event Director

    Mark joined the Be Challenged team after two years as our most experienced freelance facilitator.

  • Nick Curtis Header Image

    Nick Curtis

    Event Director

    Nick is one of the newest members of the operations team here at Be Challenged.

  • Jenna Flemming Header Image

    Jenna Flemming

    Sales Executive

    Jenna has come from a hotel industry background and has been with Be Challenged for several years now.

  • Kristie Wallace Header Image

    Kristie Wallace

    Sales Executive

    Easy going, personable and a little bit cheeky, Kristie is a key element to the Be Challenged Sales Team.

  • Hannah Breeney Header Image

    Hannah Breeney

    Office Manager and Bookkeeper

    Calm, focused and enthusiastic, Hannah is our Pom in Aus, who moved here from London 6 years ago.

  • Leigh Kitto Header Image

    Leigh Kitto

    Sales Executive

    Leigh manages our Be Challenged Melbourne Office.

  • Carly Halliday Header Image

    Carly Halliday

    Event Director

    Carly has been with Be Challenged for several years and is very enthusiastic, motivated and bubbly.

  • Simon Piltz Header Image

    Simon Piltz

    Sales Executive

    From the small NSW country town Leeton, this laid back lad has quite a few very iconic Aussie behaviours (and he prefers not to wear shoes).

  • Vanessa Mullen Header Image

    Vanessa Mullen

    Event Director

    Although being the youngest member of our team, Vanessa brings wealth of knowledge to Be Challenged.