Corporate Bodybuilding

Teams illustrate a message with their bodies

30 minutes - 1 hour
20 - Unlimited


Participants put on designated coloured clothing. They are briefed on the position they will take, it may be part of a letter or icon. Each participant moves into position as a drone flies over head capturing the brand logo, icon or message.

Learning Outcomes

Corporate Body Build is an excellent metaphor for the role of human capital in company brand and culture. Every individual plays a vital role in Corporate Body Build just as they influence company culture.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

This activity can been designed to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. We modify the program to avoid game materials and handouts that need to be passed between participants. And, avoid anything where you have to get too close! Our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience, ensuring that as well as keeping to social distancing protocol each participant is engaged and having an enjoyable learning experience. Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for physical distancing and your team.

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The unique way the activity ran was a great surprise. Everyone was involved and the outcome was fantastic. Our people as our logo. Thanks again I highly recommend this team building activity.

Immunex Corporation

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