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STEP 2 - Game Requirements

Your online activity today is Summit Challenge powered by Quickfire.

Here are some simple instructions that will help get you ready. For this activity you will need to use:

computer audio

1. Two Devices

  • A laptop or desktop - For the conference/zoom call. Use gallery view to see your whole team.
  • A smartphone or tablet - For the QuickfireAPP – this is only available through your smart mobile devices.

2. Download the app onto your smartphone or tablet

  • Make sure your operating system is up to date.
  • Head to the Google Play or Apple APP Store.
  • Download the Quickfire App by Catalyst Global on your smartphone or tablet.
Quickfire Interactive

3. Accept All Permissions

  • Once downloaded open the Quickfire App
  • Accept ALL PERMISSIONS in order to load and play your activity.

4. Join the Game

  • During the event, you will be provided with a QR code.
  • Open the app and tap on the QR Code screen to enable the scanner.
  • Scan the QR code
  • Click to download your activity.

expedition gear

5. Additional Requirements

As well as your laptop and smart device you will also need.

  • Expedition gear
  • Expedition or ski gear to wear during the activity. Your team will be taking photos so you'll want to look part of the expedition and earn extra points for your team!!
  • Pen & paper - Some of the challenges may require you to write things down. Having something to write on may be very useful.

climbing gear